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Bra&Renz two twin accessories product line, for man and woman, born from the skillful hands of the architect and designer Laura Alesi. These products manifest the spontaneity and vivacity typical of a crafter production. The brand is the result of a contast condition of experimentation and focused work.

Laura studied at the University of Rome “la Sapienza”, section Architecture. After is graduate she started to work in the construction field untill achieved in design area throug research and formation. Important for her artistic path the experiences in Berlin, Bordeaux and Copenaghen. Her most satisfaction is in details, in the materials research and in the professional share. Her must have are: a ticket for a concert, for a travel, jeans and a vintage bag.


Bra is a fashion accessory line for woman including bracelets and necklaces. The line revisits knots and plaits, inspired by the traditional artisanal creations from sea and land, by sailors and rope makers. The accessories embody and blend with different styles from minimal to casual and urban.


Renz, for man world but so versatile to became an accessories for woman too. They reinvent a classic and elegant element, the bow-tie, with an unusual material for that, the wood. Different kind of wood – wengé, durmast, cherry wood, oak, olive, etc. – They are like free board on up use old and new technique and materials to became original products.